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Building Custom Indoor Golf Simulators in Switzerland since 2003

We offer TruGolf's cutting-edge Launch Monitor technology, which simplifies the process of playing exceptional golf indoors.

Meet Apogee - Newest Launch Monitor from TruGolf

APOGEE Launch video

The reality is that TruGolf is no longer a simulator – it is exactly what happened. Real golf with real feedback.”



APOGEE Launch Monitor


APOGEE, the most technologically advanced Launch Monitor ever built. This ceiling mounted, camera based system accurately measures club and ball data, without the need for specialty balls or marked clubs.

APOGEE Launch video N°2
Vista series

TruGolf Vista Series
Provided by SWISS INDOO


Designed to be easily set up and taken down, our portable golf simulators make it possible to play the most famous courses in the world, anywhere at any time.- just bring your clubs. The Vista Series offers premium quality components - and never feels portable. The tool-free assembly makes this the easiest system to set up and start playing.

The matte-box design blocks ambient light and gives the Vista Series the same image quality as high-end golf simulation units, but for a fraction of the cost. The sturdy frame and deep walls provide a premium experience - suitable for Commercial or Residential use.


Custom Built Simulator
Provided by SWISS INDOO


Are you interested in building an indoor simulator that fits your room?

Our team will help bring your vision to life with a TruGolf Custom Golf Simulator. From high-end finishes to custom sizing, we can build anything to match your unique needs. These indoor custom golf simulators can be designed for luxury-residential applications to high volume commercial usage – without compromising accuracy or quality. We have been designing and installing golf simulators around the world for 20 years – with an unmatched commitment to quality and accessible pricing.

We work to ensure that every step of getting your own custom indoor golf simulator is as easy and transparent as possible. 

Zurich installation


TruGolf simulators are pushing the boundaries of sports simulation while still creating an incredible experience for casual and dedicated golfers alike. Discover TruGolf’s Launch Monitors and learn which option is right for you.


Introducing E6 CONNECT, the first global, cross-platform virtual golf experience. With beautiful, challenging courses from across the world, TruGolf offers a unique opportunity to test your skills against players of any level. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced golfer, our revolutionary golf simulation system is designed to provide meaningful feedback and maximum enjoyment. Join today and compete against golfers around the world.


We understand the unique needs of indoor golf businesses and strive in all of our partnerships to provide tools that make strategy, creativity, analytics and operations easy. E6 CONNECT is more than golf – it offers commercial tools to help you grow your business.


TruGolf is the premier choice for indoor golf simulation because they offer the most advanced, accurate, and realistic gameplay. From a proprietary ball flight simulation model to ultra-realistic putting, TruGolf provides an unparalleled range of options for every player. 


Whether you're looking for a luxury virtual golf system with a high level of finish, or an easily set-up-and-taken-down portable golf simulator, TruGolf has you covered. All of their at-home golf simulators provide stunningly accurate gameplay that capture the spirit and feel of the game. 

At Swiss Indoor Golf, we commit to making sure that every experience you have with your indoor golf simulator is an excellent one, from sale to set-up, and everything after and between. Our outstanding Customer Experience team provides individualized assistance to guarantee that you receive optimum performance from your virtual golf simulator. You won't find better quality or more reliable support than you will with our line of golf simulators.

If you’re looking to play your game, your way, anywhere - TruGolf is your go-to choice for unparalleled golf entertainment and instruction. 

Learn indoors, excel outdoors.


TruGolf's Simulators Make It Easy to Play, Improve, and Enjoy with the latest in Launch Monitor Technology.

Virtual Golf Increases Access to the game. Play at your convenience, no matter the conditions.


We design and build the most advanced indoor golf simulators on the market. With beautiful visuals and our huge library of courses, TruGolf’s in-home golf simulators allow you to practice, play, and wholly immerse yourself in every detail that makes golf, golf. 


With robust software capabilities and easy set-up, TruGolf has consistently been the top choice of both industry professionals and weekend warriors. 

If you’re looking for an immersive, intuitive, and accurate indoor golf experience, there’s no better option in golf simulation than TruGolf.

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