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TruGolf make it easier than ever to run your indoor golf facility. From Simulator Security to a redesigned User Interface, they offer software to help make running your business simple.


Virtual Golf Software + CRM Features

At TruGolf, they can provide you with a feature-complete system that is easy and intuitive to use and manage, allowing you to focus on your business goals. The E6 golf simulator software makes the operation of your indoor golf facility easy, optimized, and fast. 

E6 CONNECT Commercial Suite is compatible only with TruGolf tracking systems.

*Compatible only with TruGolf tracking systems.

What TruGolf Offer's


Product Launcher

This proprietary commercial dashboard makes it easy for your customers to choose from E6 CONNECT or E6 MultiSport Experiences. All software can be accessed through the rotating tiles on the main menu.

Simulator Security

Protect each of your systems against unauthorized use while providing an additional layer of protection for your organization’s data and resources. Prevent anyone without an Administrative PIN from exiting the software – great for remote locations.

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Clubhouse Dashboard

The CLUBHOUSE DASHBOARD saves and displays all Shot and Player Data from all your booths – helping you to better understand your customer and run your business.

Realistic, Immersive Experience 

TruGolf's commercial golf simulator software creates a realistic and immersive experience for every player. E6 golf simulators employ high-definition graphics to create the world’s greatest courses in stunning detail.  

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Member Messaging System

The E6 CONNECT Clubhouse makes it easy to message any customer who has played on your simulators. Send them league results or invite them back with the intuitive Member Message System. 

League Software

The CLUBHOUSE DASHBOARD saves and displays all Shot and Player Data from all your booths – helping you to better understand your customer and run your business.

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Accurate Data Analysis & Analytics

E6 CONNECT golf simulation software provides managers with comprehensive data analysis and analytics, essential for improving the operation of their facility.

Flexible Pricing Options

TruGolf offers pricing options tailored to your unique business needs. Our knowledgeable team provides exceptional customer service, so choosing the best golf simulator software for your facility is transparent and easy.


Why Choose TruGolf for Your Facility’s Golf Simulation Software?

TruGolf provides efficient, feature-complete, user-friendly tools designed to make your business operations seamless, from clubhouse, event, and league management to booking tee times.

TruGolf is passionate about providing superior customer service, and our golf simulator software reflects that commitment. Whether you need basic business resource planning or detailed, real-time analysis, TruGolf has something for every facility owner looking for a comprehensive virtual golf system.

Commercial golf simulator software has revolutionized the indoor golf industry by making it easier than ever before for operators to run their facilities and provide their customers with an immersive and unique experience. Contact us today to find out how TruGolf’s E6 Connect Commercial Suite can help your business.

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