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All portable Golf Simulators include TruTrack 2 systems. The TruTrack 2 is seamlessly integrated into the floor and captures Club Head and Ball Data.



The TruTrack2 captures critical data, as it happens, at the Point of Impact. The TruTrack2, based on patented technology, uses 3 rows of optical sensors that measure your club path and clubface angle during impact.

After every shot, TruGolfs TruTack2 analyzes and shows you information instantaneously, on a clear, easily understood Swing Analysis screen. The TruTrack2 is built using a real-feel golf mat.

This golf mat lets you swing down and through—giving you the most realistic practice possible. It also helps improve ball striking by providing real feedback on club-turf interaction.

Portable Units are equipped with our patented sonic triangulation technology. Ball flight characteristics are captured by utilizing sonic triangulation positioning technologies in conjunction with data captured by the TruTrack2.

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