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You can play great golf - TruGolf makes it easy. Work on your game with a set-up designed to elevate your space. Each TruGolf MAX is sold standard with technology dedicated the helping you improve your game, at your convenience. These systems feature high-quality soft components, advanced technology, and everything you need to continue your journey to play great golf. #GolfEasy





Meet the TruGolf MAX, the newest golf simulator from TruGolf. This turnkey system is sold standard with an edge-to-edge 15' impact screen that brings the most famous courses in the world to your home in stunning high-definition. The fabric enclosure is Dawn Patrol, a stately navy that will transform your room with a country-club approved aesthetic. Complete with a 5x12 tee-box and TruGolf's first-cut flooring, this system makes it easy to work on your game year round. 


Each TruGolf MAX system is sold with an APOGEE Launch Monitor. 


The TruGolf MAX was designed to be impressive but easy to set up. The size and scale brings E6 software to life like never before - without the need for professional installation

TruGolf MAX

  • Hardware

    APOGEE Launch Monitor

    MAX Frame + Enclosure

    Impact Screen

    1080p Projector

    12x5 Tee-Box

    First Cut Turf Floor

    Side Nets


    E6 Product Launcher


    Expanded Subscription (1) Year

More Gear


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Discover our complete range of golf simulators for your Home, Business, or Training Facility.

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