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01. Launch Monitors

Introducing APOGEE, the most technologically advanced Launch Monitor ever built. This ceiling mounted, camera based system accurately measures club and ball data, without the need for specialty balls or marked clubs.


Feature 1

Designed, Built, and Supported in the USA. This state-of-the-art Launch Monitor is sold standard with the APOGEE Intelligent Dashboard, a diagnostic software that automatically calibrates, updates, and maintains your device.

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Feature 4

Meet your newest caddie - the APOGEE Voice Assistant. Using your voice to control your golf simulator means less time on the computer – getting you through virtual rounds faster. Users can ask APOGEE to give a flyby of the hole, aim left or right, and even change clubs for unmatched convenience


Feature 2

APOGEE measures club and ball data, without the need for specialty balls or marked clubs. Users can review every shot with APOGEE’s Point of Impact interface. Point of Impact provides a slow-motion, video playback of the club’s action through the ball.


Feature 5

Meet our newest technological breakthrough - Instant Impact. Instant Impact means APOGEE sends shot faster by cutting down on computing time to decrease the pause between real impact and on-screen display. The result is the most authentic indoor golf experience available.


Feature 3

The Laser Launch Pad shows users where to place the ball and switches off when locked on to its target – minimizing frustrating do-overs and uncaptured shots.

What Our Customers Are Saying



Best Company I've used! Very professional and always on time

Khem Husture


The right technology can make all the difference in your game.

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